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New Club Car - Junior Development and social evenings
Thanks to a very generous donation by Eddie Maguire, our club is now in possession of a Hyundai Lantra rally car.  The car was one of two built by Wayne Bell for Hyundai Australia to compete in the 1994 Asia Pacific championship, in which it won the formula two category, so it comes with some interesting history. The car will be ideal for juniors or club members to compete at various club events in and could even be used for other purposes such as zero car in rallies or promotion of our club.  

Before the Lantra can be used however, it needs a general tidy up and some maintenance and no doubt we will find a few hidden jobs that will need repair. This is where you come in!  We need people, club members or not, to help with this project.  You do not need any mechanical skills as there will be a variety of jobs for all skill levels. In fact, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn some skills and gain knowledge. Things like dismantling & re-assembly, some basics about body work and painting, fault finding, electrical, mechanical as well as how parts of the car at work. We have plenty of skilled people in the club to help educate others, so come along and learn something!  

It is intended that those that contribute in some way to the maintenance / rebuild of the Lantra may be eligible to use the car in an event, and those that don’t, will not!  This will of course depend on how much you put in to the rebuild process and some ground rules will need to be formulated around this.  Juniors will be exempt from the above but encouraged to help as well.

The Lantra is currently located at Peter Barrett’s, 297 Murchison highway Somerset

This is a great project with lots of potential, but at the end of the day if we do not get member involvement then there is no point in having the car.
In closing I want to emphasise that these working bees are open to anybody who is interested and will be a good fun social session with the added bonus that you may learn some new skills.  Don’t be scared to bring a mate with you!

For further information, please contact:
Peter Barrett 0438 351 786
Stephen Mott 0428 276 667

Venue: 297 Murchison Highway Somerset

Next working bee to be advised

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