BJR Highclere Hillclimb Round 1



From the outside looking in –

Well done everybody on another very successful hillclimb. Considering it was as close as possible to a “full dress rehearsal” for the biggest hillclimb we are about to undertake was fantastic.

Thanks again to BJR for their fantastic sponsorship and the added bonus instore voucher to boost their trophies. Support our sponsors as they are our greatest supporters. Thanks to Roger Carter and his equipment for the Subaru rescue as well.

Great job by Brooksy and his band of helpers and everybody running around on the day. People like the Junior and Senior Van Der Drift’s that not only compete but also help set up and pack up. That’s just to name a few.

The buses were good but we will refine that even more for April in particular the added extra parking at the railway road closure. There will be many more officials need on the day and a briefing will be held for them pre-event. The pits for competitors only and the service road for officials only worked well. We just need to make it a bit better for spectators backwards and forwards to their parking spot but as stated we will refine the bus run a bit better.

Great job by all. Please all come back for the April 1 event as your assistance will be required and greatly appreciated.

As a closer, Yvonne told me that she had beaten Jack. What she meant was that she was faster than him 3 times out of the 6 but Jack came out on top by .11 of a second so sorry Jack.

(it was close though wasn’t it)


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